Corporate Massage 

Corporate Massage as part of your employee benefits will improve health and well-being within your team. By lowering stress levels your workforce will feel happier and more energised leading to greater productivity and co-operation.  
Special Offer!  
1 hour free taster session including consultation 
Specialising in corporate and event massage balanceBristol brings mobile massage to your work-place. balanceBristol provides you with a unique way to reward and recognise your staff, whilst improving their health and productivity. Our services can tie in with corporate events, staff incentive schemes, or end of period sales targets. Whether you wish to us to provide a regular service or a one-off treat, the benefits to both your business and employees are numerous. 
How does it work? 
Treatments offered include Seated Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology. 
Treatments can be performed either at employees desks or in a meeting room. 
Treatments are between 10 and 30 minutes. 
Treatments are performed through clothes and no oils are used so clients can go straight back to work 
Minimum call out is 2 hours 
Cost is £48 per hour per therapist 
the cost is payed fully or partly by the employer or employee 
What is the next step? 
Contact us to arrange an initial meeting where we will provide you with a free 1 hour taster session. This will give us the opportunity to tailor the service to your organisation and answer any questions you may have. 
Benefits to your business include: 
Improved workplace health and wellbeing 
Improved staff performance and productivity 
Raised health awareness 
Reduction in absenteeism from stress and back pain 
Increases morale and motivation 
Increased staff retention 
Can be highlighted as a benefit to potential joiners of the company 
Minimum disruption to your workplace 
Benefits to the employee include: 
Stress reduction 
Relief from neck, back and shoulder pain 
Relief from headaches 
Clients will feel refreshed and revitalised 
Reduction in insomnia 
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